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Learn All About the Shady World Of Simon Horse Company

Prepurchase Exams are Useless Because They Drug The Horses

Simon Horse Company drugs the horses to hide lameness issues and they filter horses through partner sellers .

Simon has a network of people around the country they use to sell their horses. Don’t let them fool you, be knowledgable and learn the tricks and dirty secrets they try and hide from the public.

Other Simon Scams

Ryon’s Rescue Pen

Simon is one of the largest kill buyers in the country and found a scam to prey on people’s emotions and get more money for the horses that may go to slaughter.

Northstar Horse Sale

This is an example of where horses that are owned by Simon are sold under other peoples names. They use sellers like Justin Michels that couldn’t otherwise afford the horses to sell and run them through auctions. Many of these horses have lamenesses that are covered up with drugs

Online Auctions

Simon uses companies like this to sell some of their horses too. These sites allow the sellers to use shill or made up bidders to run the prices up on unknowing buyers.