An outlet for Simon Horses

This auction was set up as a place for Simon to try and sell horses and pretend they’re owned by someone else. They think putting them under someone else’s name like Justin Michels, someone who used to train some reining horses will make people less skeptical if they don’t know they’re coming from a kill buyer with a bad reputation. Simon owned horses end up in numerous places listed under Michels name so do your homework and have them put it in writing who has an ownership interest in the horse and definitely have them vetted and drug tested before any money changes hands.

Pre-sold Horses

Many of the horses they list in the sale are actually sold before the sale and the auction is just for show.


This is just another fly by night auction that will likely be gone tomorrow trying to capitalize on the trend of these people to host their own sales to screw people behind the scenes. Most of these horses are owned by Simon and Michels, how hard can it be to get an invitation from yourself.